First Day of School, First Torrential Downpour

Yesterday marked the last day of Pchum Ben, a Cambodian religious festival that honors one’s ancestors, and RULE, the school at which I’ll be teaching, is pretty quiet. I got a tour from Tom Pearson, Program Director for the International Masters of Laws programs. The school is quite large, and I’m surely going to get lost. My first class is tomorrow, which I’m excited to teach.

As we were wrapping up our meeting, the skies opened up. Cambodia is at the tail end of its rainy season and tuk-tuks were in short supply. Not surprisingly, there is an informal kind of tuk-tuk surge pricing. Despite the top and side coverings, I got drenched. The photo is from my tuk-tuk ride.



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Law professor, associate dean, and director of the Center for Trial and Appellate Advocacy at St. John's Law School. Former prosecutor and defense attorney.
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