I’ve known that I was heading to Cambodia for about a month now. I applied to the Fulbright Specialist Program back in January and was accepted to the roster of approved candidates by the end of February.  (Once approved, a Fulbright specialist is added to a roster that can be accessed by embassies and foreign schools in search of American scholars with whom to partner.)  Still, I’ve had a lot going on – arranging all of the many logistics, getting things in order at my home school, preparing for the classes I’ll be teaching, and I was also a part of an ABA site inspection team.  So, packing was, unfortunately, left to the last minute.

It’s hot in Cambodia pretty much year-round. But, I’ll also be teaching, so I’ll need my professional “uniform” as well. I also had to pack all of the “tools” (teaching materials, books, etc.) I’d need while in-country.


So, the night before my flight, I spent several hours getting everything in order. Thankfully Korean Air allows two pieces of luggage, even in the cheap seats economy. Jonnathan (my husband) and I had a nice dinner at one of our favorite places in Long Beach, Lost and Found. Most importantly, I spent quality time with the dogs, who tend to get sad if either of us leave for an extended period of time.


I’m a big fan of these luggage organizer things by Belle Hop that I picked up a few years ago.  They allow you to keep pieces of clothing separated and organized.  I wish I knew where I got them.  They’re a lifesaver.


I also discovered really neat tutorials on how to fold suits and shirts in regular luggage.  (I hate taking a garment bag.)

Luckily everything fit!  I was right under the weight limit.  Now I’ll just be praying that both pieces of luggage arrive safe and sound in Phnom Penh …


About Larry Cunningham

Law professor and Vice Dean at St. John's Law School. Former prosecutor and defense attorney.
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