Siem Reap – Day 1

I landed at Siem Reap Airport in the morning and was whisked away to my hotel, Lotus Blanc, a very nice resort.  I’ll stay here for 3 nights before heading back to Phnom Penh.

img_2821  img_2819


A welcome beverage.

img_2831  img_2830

img_2827  img_2826

I spent today getting acclimated to the area. There’s a lot to do here, but most of it revolves around the many Angkor temples that can be visited. To get started, I thought I would take a helicopter ride ($90) around the major Angkor temples, including Angkor Wat. It was a great flight; the pilot was an Australian who moved here a few weeks ago. The other passengers were from China.



My Australian pilot + co-passengers from China.


Some videos of the flight:

Tomorrow I have a full day of visiting temples!


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