Kep – Part II

Alas, not too much to report for Kep, Day 2.  I’m under the weather. It only took 22 days in-country, but I finally caught a stomach bug – probably from the nice crab dinner I had last night. Up all night and now rehydrating today. Ironically, this is the nicest day so far in Cambodia, the first one where the Sun has been out most of the day.


Beautiful day in Kep. Too bad I’m spending it in bed.

By the way, several people have asked me if the water is safe to drink. It’s not. Every hotel I’ve stayed at has had bottles of water in the bathroom for use in brushing one’s teeth. I’ve been told that the water itself is filtered up at its source, but the issue is the pipes.  So, bottled water everywhere.  First thing I did when I got here was to buy a few cases of 1.5L water bottles. I typically drink 1.5-2 a day.  The heat can dehydrate a person very quickly.  As far as I can tell, there’s no recycling here, so there’s a lot of waste from discarded bottles.

When people get sick here, their first instinct is often to go to a pharmacy and buy antibiotics. Drugs are over-the-counter here; no prescription is needed. If a drug-resistant super-bug starts, I’m quite confident it will come from this part of the world!  (No, I’m not buying any antibiotics for my current bug.)

Back to Phnom Penh tomorrow. This is my final week of teaching at RULE, and I’ll be delivering a public lecture on the legal status of children on Friday night. Flight back home a week from today, Sunday the 30th, wheels down at JFK on the 31st.


About Larry Cunningham

Law professor, associate dean, and director of the Center for Trial and Appellate Advocacy at St. John's Law School. Former prosecutor and defense attorney.
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