A Souvenir


While in Vietnam 10 days ago, I slipped and fell on, literally, a “slippery slope.”  I took a hard fall on my wrist.  It didn’t get any better, so I popped over to the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital near the airport to get it x-rayed.  Turns out I have a bad sprain.  It’s thankfully not broken.

The hospital was amazing—beautiful, clean, and modern. They even come around and serve you water. The best part: it only cost $47, including x-rays and the consultation with a surgeon, who is a Thai doctor.  The hospital can treat most minor ailments.  For more major problems, they will fly the patient to a sister hospital in Thailand.

I joked that the next time I need an x-ray, it’ll probably be cheaper to fly to Cambodia and get it done at this hospital.


About Larry Cunningham

Law professor, associate dean, and director of the Center for Trial and Appellate Advocacy at St. John's Law School. Former prosecutor and defense attorney.
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