Final Week at RULE

I wrapped up my final class on Thursday. Students were eager to take selfies, group pictures, and one of my classes wanted a whole group shot.


Second year students studying Public International Law


First year students

I will miss my students. Overall, they were well-prepared, eager to learn, and welcoming to this American visitor.  The future of their country is in their hands.  I give them credit for looking to build their knowledge and skills in the law, at a time when the country desperately needs good people in all of its institutions.

On Friday, I gave a talk as part of the LL.M. program’s Friday night lecture series, which brings in guest lecturers to talk about a variety of topics.  My lecture involved the inconsistent way in which the law treats children.  It is based on my article in the U.C. Davis Journal of Juvenile Law and Policy.


I also had the opportunity to meet with the executive director and staff of the Arbitration Council Foundation.  The Arbitration Council was setup as a non-judicial means to resolve collective labor disputes.  It is one of the few institutions in Cambodia that is held in high regard.



About Larry Cunningham

Law professor, associate dean, and director of the Center for Trial and Appellate Advocacy at St. John's Law School. Former prosecutor and defense attorney.
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